DOB: 2013
Height: 14.1h
Price: $3,200

Jasmine is a intelligent, eager to please, handy little filly! She does everything and is really wanting to stop and step around. She is quick footed and very articulate with each step she takes. Jasmine has a nice compact build, great feet, and is a really low maintenance, even keeled mare. I absolutely love how she thinks! She’s been used on the ranch, as well as trail ridden. She rides in a plain d-ring snaffle and will be a very push button, automatic horse when she is finished. We’ve worked her very lightly on cattle, and have lightly sorted on her as well: she’s been exposed and has been made to make all the right moves, just needs to be practiced and finished.
Jasmine’s been ridden through water, over bridges, tires, and all sorts of difficult terrain and scary environments, and she’s done awesome. She walk, trot, lopes, knows her leads, stops off your seat, backs up, is starting to neck rein. She lives in the pasture, and is great with other horses too! She’d make a great using horse! Stands tied, ground ties, grooms, bathes, saddles, bridles, picks up all four feet, and is a doll for the farrier and vet. Overall, she is a very versatile horse, who is very easy to get along with. Jasmine is started right, and is ready for anything and everything! Come check her out!