Sold Horses




DOB: 2003 (13yo)
Color: Bay
Sex: Gelding
Breed: Quarter Pony
Height: 13.3h
Price: $4,000

Are you looking for a step up for your little cowboy or cowgirl? If so, look no further! Gunner is a stocky built, big boned pony that has all the looks and conformation of a horse, in a smaller pony package! Gunner is a fun, safe, and versatile gelding. He is the ideal compact horse. He is short and gentle enough for the kids to ride, but stocky enough to pack around adults with ease. Hop on bareback with just a halter and a lead rope, or saddle up and ride off- it doesn’t make much of a difference to him. This cutie is a great mover, knows his leads, and has a comfy walk, trot, lope. He stops and backs up, and responds off leg and seat cues. Gunner rides around in a simple D-ring snaffle, and has a nice little neck rein too! He is not spooky at all. He has a very teachable mentality, and really looks to do what you ask. He has been ridden through, and has has been around, just about everything. From creeks, to bridges, to cows, dogs, tractors, you name it, he has been around it. Gunner gets along great in the pasture and is easy to catch. He is easy to catch, stands tied, grooms, bathes, loads, picks up all four feet, saddles, bridles, utd on shots and coggins, leads and respects your space. Come check him out!


Macho Poco Bar aka “Bud”

15.1h 1999 (16yo) APHA Gelding


Bud is the easiest ride around. Just saddle up or hop on bareback out of the pasture, it doesn’t really matter to him. He loves people and is very safe to be around. He has been used for lessons of all ages, but isn’t the generic “dull pony ride”, he is the perfect balance of light and lazy. He has get up and go when you ask, and is a blast to work a cow on. Bud takes care of his riders, and has a great walk, trot, lope. He rides around in just a plain ol’ d-ring snaffle. Knows leads, shoulders, hips, neck reins. Safe on trails, and has been through and gone through just about everything. Bud stands tied anywhere, comes up from the pasture, leads and respects your space, easy to clip, load, groom, bathe, saddle, bridle, picks up all four feet. Stands for mounting and dismounting, and is great for the farrier and vet. He gets along great either stalled or in the pasture with or without other horses. Whether you a looking for a using horse with a lot of good years left, a rodeo mount, ranch, or trail horse, this guy has got you covered. If you want a well balanced, quiet, and consistent ride, Bud is your guy. Come try him out. 


TF Fly Four 627 aka “Fiona”

DOB: July 27, 2013

Registration #: AQHA 5553924

Sire: Jesse James Revenge

Dam: Four Fly Four


Fiona is a great minded 14.3h filly with about 30 days riding under her belt. She is incredibly gentle, willing, and is really looking to be an automatic horse. This cute filly has great feet, nice clean legs, long flaxen mane and tail. Not only does she have the looks, but the talent as well. She rides around smooth, and is wanting to step around and look for that stop. She walk, trot, lopes, knows both leads, stops, backs up, and is riding in a simple d-ring snaffle. Fiona has been trail ridden, used to check cows, been roped off of, ridden through anything and everything. She is fearless and confident under saddle, and respectful on the ground. This filly also has a very sweet personality, and will meet you at the gate. She lives in the pasture, and is great with other horses too! Stands tied, ground ties, grooms, bathes, saddles, bridles, picks up all four feet, and is a doll for the farrier and vet. Overall, she is a very versatile horse, who is very easy to get along with. Fiona is started right, and is ready for anything and everything! Come check her out!